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What I Offer

What I Offer

I offer counselling services to those who are seeking support with the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, anger, relationship counselling, parenting, aggression, defiance, fear, discipline, and related issues.

I enjoy working with all aspects of change and transition in one's personal development. I look forward to accompanying you towards personal growth and discovery.

Who I Am

Who I Am

Sandra Neil, MA., R.P.

Through my 2 decades of counselling experience, I have come to believe that a better understanding of ourselves is one of the most important steps towards a happier and more fulfilling life. The journey is yours and I aim to support you on the path towards your goals, whatever they may be.  

There are barriers that can get in the way and I provide a safe space for you to explore, challenge and remove those barriers with compassion and non-judgement. I will provide not only an open ear but a realistic reflection in order for you to move forward.



Starr Counselling Services

965 Cowan Point Dr, 

Bowen Island, BC 

V0N 1G2

Tel: 613-315-0351


Thanks for reaching out!

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